June 6, 2014

weekend getaway.

Something I've really come to love in the last year is a good weekend getaway. Usually it's a weekend in Frederick, Maryland—one of my favorite places these days. This past weekend however, I was lucky to get away to New York City to spend time with some dear friends who were in town from Chicago. We did a lot of wandering, some window shopping, some flea marketing, and a whole lot of eating. It was great to catch up, to just hang out and explore together, and of course, to laugh. I couldn't have asked for a better weekend!

Most of my snaps made it to Instagram, but particular one did not, and I think it ended up being my favorites. Love those tiles.

November 11, 2013

Getting Lucky

Sometimes you plan a shoot; you pick a time, a location, the wardrobe, poses, and props, and then you execute. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it leaves a little to be desired. But sometimes, you're just living, and all of a sudden life hands you a gorgeous setting, beautiful lighting, and a great shot. Sometimes, you just get lucky.

July 15, 2013

viewfinder eyes

Sometimes I feel like God gave me viewfinders for eyes. I can't help but to see my life as a series of potential photographs—its as if I walk through life constantly holding out my fingers composing my next shot of the scenery that is my life.

So few weeks ago I challenged myself to quit being such a ninny (and wrote about it here) when it came to doing what I had to do to actually get these shots my eyes were composing. And so far? Its been going pretty well! This weekend I challenged myself to go out and hunt for a shot that I could use on one of my freelance design projects, rather than purchasing a stock image. After two afternoons of hunting—I got my shot! And some others along the way:

July 9, 2013

you'll pack'a what?

Over the 4th of July holiday I went with a friend to Frederick, Maryland, where her parents are currently renovating a neglected, but beautiful old Bed & Breakfast. I've been to the B&B once before, and instantly fell in love—with the house, the property, nearby downtown Frederick, and the feeling of being perfectly nestled between "city" and country.

Our first trip to the B&B was focused mostly on exploring Historic Downtown Frederick; all the shops, antiques, and restaurants it has to offer, and I honestly couldn't get enough. But this time, with a few extra friends in tow, we ventured out into the country, most notably to the Sugarloaf Alpaca farm, where their happy herd has had something like 18 babies this year—holy alpaca babies, Batman! We took a few minutes to check out their shop before grabbing some complimentary bags of feed and heading out to the gates where we were greeted by some greedy alpacas, ready for a snack. While the mamas and papas snacked, made strange grumbles, and threatened to spit, the babies entertained us by frolicking through the pasture and rolling in dirt, making our venture into the country totally worthwhile. 

 Hasta la vista, babies, see you next time!

June 19, 2013

public nuisance

I find that one of the biggest barriers between myself and shooting a great picture is not lack of inspiration, and its not [just] laziness; it's the feeling of eyes watching me as I go out of my way—and get in theirs—to get my shot. I feel as though pulling over the car or stopping in my tracks in the middle of the street, alley, walkway, or sidewalk is a nuisance to others nearby, and so I pass on the opportunity to click & tell. So I'm challenging myself to pull over the car, stop in my tracks, and crouch if I have to, if it means getting the shot. I'd say its worth pushing through that awkward feeling... wouldn't you?